Let's Dance, Inc Policies and Dress Code

Tuition: There is a non-refundable $35.00 per student registration fee or maximum family fee of $50.00 due upon enrollment along with your first month's tuition. Tuitions are due the first of every month. Tuitions are non-refundable. No tuition will be pro-rated or exempt from payment for late enrollment or other activities. Monthly tuition remains the same regardless of the number of weeks in the month, or the number of absences. We do not send out bills, it is your responsibility to make your scheduled payments on time. They may be mailed to the studio if you cannot make your payment in person. If a student starts or stops in the middle of a session, you are responsible for the entire session and each session thereafter until you notify the office. There is no reduction in tuition due to snow days, illness, family vacations, or holidays the studio is scheduled to be closed. Please be reminded the tuition is based on a ten-month school year and is broken down into monthly payments for your convenience.​


​Returned Checks :If the studio receives a 'returned check' the payee is required to pay a $25.00 bank charge and must replace the payment with cash or bank money order. If the returned check causes studio checks to be returned, there will be an additonal $35 charge.


​Late Charge - Tuition: If tuition is more than 14 days late, there is a $15.00 late fee attached to your account. After 14 days you will be charged $10.00 for every week you're late after that. If tuition is more than 30 days late, we will contact you and ask that you keep your child home until the tuition is paid up to date. Please pay on time and use the payment envelopes provided for you. ​

***Attendance / Missed Lessons: Regular attendance is important, both to your child and the entire class. Please make every effort to have your child at every class. Students are encouraged to make up all missed lessons within a one month period. Please call the office to find out which classes are available to make up. No refunds or credits will be given for missed classes.


​​Class Observation: Our closed circuit TV's allow parents to observe class without disruption. We will, on occasion, allow parents into the class, usually the last few minutes to observe a routine or combination etc. 

Snow Days / Cancellations: In the event of inclement weather, it is your responsibility to call the studio/check our website/social media for cancellation information. Public School cancellations do not necessarily mean that no school = no dancing school! Snow days are not made up.

​Costume Policy : Costume payments are due in FULL by November 1st. It is expected that all students will  perform in our annual recital unless the office is notified otherwise by October 1st. Unless otherwise notified, costumes will be ordered and you will be responsible to pay for ALL fees. Costume fees are non refundable at any time and costumes cannot be returned. If a student drops out before the performance, the costume(s) will be forfeited to the studio to use for a performing student if needed. All costume balances must be paid in full by the required date or late fees will apply. 

​Dress Rehearsal and Recital: Every year we hold a recital in early June with one dress rehearsal that takes place the week before the show.  The dress rehearsal is mandatory, if you are not present at the dress rehearsal, you will not be allowed to perform in the recital. Tickets are reserved seating and go on sale at the end of April/ Early May! 


Females: Black sleeveless or camisole leotards, with tan, black or pink tights (dance tights only - no pantyhose!) All ballet students must wear pink convertible tights for class (this does not apply to baby and combo classes).

*baby and combo classes may wear any style plain black leotard (skirts are o.k. and maybe any color)

Males: Black sweatpants and a plain white t-shirt (jeans are acceptable for Hip Hop only!)

* Company dancers are allowed to wear black sports bras with black tight boyshorts! NO BRIGHT COLORS

Tap and Jazz students may wear black dance shorts over their leotard for class. For the students' benefit, jazz pants are not allowed.
No t-shirts, sweatpants, or boxer pants for class.
Acrobatics students may wear our black shorts over their leotards.




Baby and Combo classes:
Bloch style #205 Pink leather Ballet slippers and So Dansa TA35X Tan Tap shoes (no patent leather shoes!) *We recommend that tap shoes have snaps for the elastic bands to make it easier for children to put on.

Black ballet shoes and black tie oxford tap shoes

Tan neoprene gore boots Bloch style #495 ages 7+ ( competition kids please ask office before purchasing )

Tap: ages 5-7

Bloch style #302 Tan u-shell tap shoes only 


Tap ages 8+
Bloch style #361 Black tie oxford called "The Respect"

Ballet Age 6+:
Bloch Girls "Performa" Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoe ( theatrical pink) 

Ballet Age 13+ 

Please call ahead and ask for Laynie to schedule a personal fitting. The type of shoes are your choice, unless the instructor advises otherwise. **pointe will be by the discretion of the ballet instructor only ages 12+ considered

Lyrical- Bloch Eclipse ( tan, canvas) 




Let's Dance, Inc

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